Meet Our Team

Black Silver Master Painters

Meet Our Director

Andrew Kerr

With over 35 years of experience, Andrew has worked on all types of painting jobs building a repertoire of skills and professionalism in the painting industry. He’s taken the skills he has learned over the years and put them forward for managing teams & projects across Adelaide under the name BlackSilver. Having worked for Blacksilver for 13 years, and a part of upper management for 6 years.

Black Silver Master Painters

Ricky Dusi


Ricky has been with BlackSilver Master Painters since day one of his apprenticeship. Over the years he has grown both as a painter and friend of this business. His years of experience and work ethic has set himself a part from other trades and has shown exceptional skills in all aspects of painting and decorating.

Black Silver Master Painters

Lisa Bagnato


Lisa has worked in administration for 20 years. 7 of those being with BlackSilver. Lisa is an important part of the BlackSilver team who looks after the books, accounts and admin duties.

Black Silver Master Painters

David Kerr

Operations Manager

David has been working at BackSilver since July 2021. David’s main role is facilitating day to day operations to ensure all jobs are completed the BlackSilver way. David’s strength lie in problem solving and managing people to get the job done.


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