Residential Painting

BlackSilver Master Painters will work on your residential interior and exterior walls, paint newly constructed homes, remodels, and existing homes. Our experienced team uses reputable paint brands like Dulux, Berger, and Haymes to ensure we achieve quality and lasting finishes.

A perfect paint job does more than give your walls a new colour. The coat brings new life to your home’s interior and exterior, protects your house against weather elements, and improves your home’s value

Black Silver Master Painters
Black Silver Master Painters

Having old colours may make your home feel uncomfortable, primarily if you work from home. A paint job is a relatively inexpensive way to update your home and boost your mood.

Painting is more than holding a paintbrush and roller. This is why you need our professional painters to help you do an excellent job. Remember that our team will hold their white card, and the business operates with a builders license (BLD 312417). Call our office today, and you will be glad that you did.

Our Other Services

Commercial Painting

We are experts in commercial painting focusing on all large-scale projects

Exterior Painting

Our team can help with all small or large scale exterior painting requirements

About Our Team

Our team’s dynamic is multi-national and includes highly experienced tradespeople of all ages. We have 18 qualified tradespeople and four indentured. We always hire apprentices to maintain our quality and standard level. As such, you can count on BlackSilver Master Painters to provide friendly and professional services.

Our Process

1.Contacting Us

Contact us to arrange a quote for your job. We can arrange a time to meet on site, or you can send plans through via email.


On site, tell us what kind of scope of work you would like us to do for the job. If you have sent plans through, then you can provide us with a detailed description of what you would like done, and we can quote accordingly.

3.Accepting and booking

After we have sent you a copy of the quotation you can review it and see if you would like to go ahead with the job. If you accept the job, we will book it in for our closest date.

4.Beginning of works

Now the time has come for us to begin the job with our qualified painters seeing you on site on the date.

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